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Ralph X. Stone
Managing Director

Mr. Stone is the founder of Commercial Financial Consulting, LLC. He has over 30 years of experience in commercial financing, having served as a senior executive. He also served as senior executive vice president of business development for Fidelity Financing Corporation of Texas. Mr. Stone has the confidence and experience to handle difficult and complex commercial financing. He is also a co-founder of the Massachusetts State Auctioneers Association.

Deveney E. Nocher
Executive Assistant to the Managing Director

Ms. Nocher, a recent Merrimack College graduate, was working for a third-party financing company assisting wholesalers with scheduling, increasing their sales, and connecting them with new reps through an established sales network prior to her employment at CFC. Her work experience thus far has given her the foundation to be confident and successful with anything working at CFC can put in front of her.

Cristine O’Keefe
Senior Executive Vice President / Senior Underwriter

Ms. O’Keefe is a determined, focused and responsive professional that will go the extra mile for client success. Relationship building, creative problem solving and a strong work ethic have been the foundation of a life long mission to serve others. Her experience in business and education provide the financial knowledge and the abilities needed to complete a variety of financial transactions.

Sid Chilakapati
Senior Vice President Underwriting

Mr. Chilakapati is a dedicated and highly motivated Professional. He has over 30 years’ experience with Fortune 100 Companies as Senior Management involving software programming, financial review, taxes and legal transactions. Mr. Chilakapati has lengthy experience with Underwriting Financial Information as well as Pro-Forma Projections and Executive Summaries. Mr. Chilakapati is well suited for a position of Senior Vice President Underwriting regarding Commercial Financial Transactions.

James H. Lunt
Senior Executive Vice President

Mr. Lunt has served as Chairman and CEO of Rogers, Lunt & Bowlen Company for over two decades. He has also served on numerous corporate boards, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts as it’s Finance Committee Chairman. He has been a Director of Greenfield Savings Bank, Associated Industries of Massachusetts and The Berkshire Life Insurance Company. Mr. Lunt has also served on many community service boards, including as President of the United Way of Franklin County, Ma.

Demetrius White
Vice President

Mr. White has been involved in real estate development, cost estimation, plan reading and construction. He managed assets under Stone Investment Banking and most recently has been involved with several inner-city transactions in Boston, MA, more specifically, but not limited to commercial real estate financing. He has over ten years of business financing experience with strong organizational skills and a determined attitude to complete and fulfill commercial financing.

Irene Westgate
Senior Executive Vice President/ Office Manager

Ms. Westgate is a knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated professional with an extensive background in Business Management, Bookkeeping/ Accounting, Customer Service, Construction Management and Business Development. Ms. Westgate is a licensed Real Estate Agent and Notary Public. She graduated Bridgewater State College Magna Cum Laude with a bachelors degree in Communication Disorders and minors in English and Psychology. Ms. Westgate also enjoys serving her community as the Sargent of Arms in the local Kiwanis. She constantly strives to improve her abilities to lead and motivate people to succeed, as well as building strong business relations.

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