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Employee Stock Ownership Plan

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Why Convert to an ESOP?

No risk of losing customers due to selling your company.

The company is not being marketed for sale; it is a private conversion.

No price haggling, it is a conversion to an ESOP.

The purchase price is based on multiple of Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) subject to a confirmation of a business evaluation firm and the bank. No need for employee approval or acceptance.

No risk on losing key employees / personnel.

Loyal employees do not have to worry about losing their job or rank due to new ownership/administration. It is a bonus and opportunity to reward them.

ESOP is tax exempt, federal, and state.

If the company earns a million dollars, they keep a million dollars without payment of taxes regarding capital gains for both federal and state. Now and hereafter, the ESOP shares the profit with the employees (pro rata share).

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After Converting to an ESOP, What Is Next?

  • ESOP entities enjoy a tax exempt status
  • The employees now own and manage the company
  • A succession plan of key personnel “Org. chart” going forward
  • Employees will earn a percentage ownership of the company, pro rata share
  • Vested interest in the company – 1 to 3 years

An ESOP Company Pays No Federal or State Income Taxes

SBA guarantee fee will be waived from February 2021 through September 2021; loan payment will also be deferred as well during this period – act now!

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